Here you can find sources we trust. Most people have different approaches to secondary Biblical issues not essential to salvation, such as the timing of the rapture. Keep in mind, nobody is perfect, including us! Prayerfully consider any information you take in. These are not in any particular order of importance or relevance.

Focus on the Family promotes creationism, abstinence-only sex education, adoption only by heterosexuals, school prayer, and traditional gender roles. They are huge proponents of the traditional family and offer many support options for struggling people in various situations.

Now the End Begins is dedicated to Bible prophecy and news. They have live broadcasts several times a week to address many of the issues confronting Christians today. (KJB)

Kent Hovind & Dinosaur Adventure Land is a ministry devoted to science and creation. Kent’s Creation Seminar has helped thousands understand young Earth creationism, as well as how dinosaurs fit into history. He covers many controversial topics that many today are afraid to address. (KJB)

King James Audio Bible Online

Koinonia House is a ministry started by the late Chuck Missler, now Ron Matsen. Chuck’s content is unique in the community, due to his extensive background in aviation and government. He has a way of approaching Biblical truth that you likely won’t find anywhere else. Ron has kept up the great teaching and is highly recommended.

Blue Letter Bible & Bible Gateway are two of the web’s better online Bible’s. Blue Letter Bible has more extensive tools, but both are fantastic.

E-Sword is Bible software you can download to your Windows or Mac machine as well as iPhone. It is extensive and FREE, rivaling expensive alternatives.

End Time Ministries is absolutely dedicated to bringing updated news and information in regard to prophecy. Endtime is probably the largest ministry dedicated to it, having an online Prophecy College and offices in Israel.

Skywatch TV is a large and modern Biblical news, prophecy and history network. They offer books, videos and tons more daily.

Rapture Ready has been around decades and features all things prophecy and end-time. They are the only ministry we know that has an end-time rapture index.

AOC Network is a Christ-centered content creator with a goal to represent God’s Kingdom online. Our Christ-exalting¬†Exploring The Bible series¬†provides artful Biblical education for all who desire more of God.¬†

Holy Land Site is a ministry of Go Missions to Mexico. They have many beautiful videos on YouTube that take you on a tour of sites in Israel coupled with teaching.