In today’s shifting culture, we see many lukewarm churches proudly displaying the gay-pride flag. We do not deny that a lower number of those churches may have a degree of good intention while opposing homosexuality. We’ll assume that the smaller percentage of churches are attempting to show that anyone is welcome, but still strongly oppose the behavior, or any sinful behavior for that matter and are brave enough to preach on sin. The numbers and percentages are debatable, but blanket statements that all churches that fly the rainbow flag support the LGBTQ agenda is not entirely fair because of the misconception we are addressing here.

First of all, the Total Gospel ministry in NO way supports the LGBTQ agenda, nor any other form of sinful behavior. It is our belief that some members within the body of Christ have prayerfully considered whether or not to display the pride flag as a tool to draw members of the LGBTQ community inside. All things considered, we also assume that these churches believe in God’s divine providence, and believe those that do enter may be led by the Spirit and more open to evangelism and truth.

When a pro LGBTQ individual walks by a church, we can almost hear the scoff coming from them like water pouring from a fountain; they appear to be drenched in the rejection of it. If the church they walk by has a pride flag out front, the scoff subsides and they might assume the congregation is accepting of them. They certainly know, to some degree that there is a growing divide between those churches and the churches who do not display the pride flag. This is where the misconception begins.

In reality, the fact is, or should be, that even the doctrinally sound, Spirit filled, hot, and on fire church welcomes in anyone no matter where that person is in life. These churches love beyond measure through the One who is true love, Jesus Christ. The issue here are lukewarm churches’ false teachings vs. the true body of Christ accepting, loving and caring for in truth and love. Real truth and real love can only come from being honest to others, and being honest with them requires a total and unequivocal belief and devotion to the Word of God. One brings forth false conversion with no motivation to repent and forsake one’s sin, where the other convicts of sin and there is a Godly desire to forsake it and turn to Christ. One is the Biblical Gospel of life, the other a satanic lie leading to death.

Truth be told, most all churches that fly the pride flag are lukewarm, apostate, and compromised. The majority of churches that don’t fly the pride flag are compromised, apostate, and lukewarm. We understand that some good churches could exist that fly the flag and are being used by God. We pray for all of the lost in this world and praise be to God if He uses a compromised sinful church that is afraid to speak the truth, to ultimately lead a homosexual to the real Jesus in a real church. It seems like a stretch, but with God, anything is possible and I would never diminish or restrict the power of God and claim this is impossible. After all, I began in the Mormom church, and through that, God brought me into the light of the truth of His Word.

In conclusion, good God fearing men and women of faith, who are born again believers in Jesus Christ will gladly accept any sinner and homosexual into their community of faith. They are not homophobic, intolerant haters, and would love nothing more than to lovingly share the honest truth and nurture you. To do anything less, is a lie, damnable, a sin and truly spiteful. But be careful! These will also not let sin continue on indefinitely. One mark of a true church aside from the truth, is if a person continues to live in sin, and refuses to repent and accept Christ, they will not be allowed in after a time. A time comes when a church must shut the door on someone who refuses to turn from their wicked ways and follow Christ; but that is a discussion for another time. We pray you are blessed by this article.