This is a topic that most Christians won’t hear about whatsoever from the pulpit. However, many Christians have some interest in the subject, as there are direct ties between the paranormal/extraterrestrial and what is happening prophetically today. Koinonia House is a source we’ve trusted for decades in regard to this subject. At the minimum, humanity lives in 3 dimensions. We know the Lord lives in the spiritual realm with all the Heavenly host, which is unknowable by us in our 3 dimensions. Those fallen evil angels and beings that Satan took with him, have been working with man throughout time. We read in the Bible how they were responsible for giving special knowledge to people. Although this is an area outside of this ministry’s calling and ability to explain, the Holy Spirit wants us to share this information for you to prayerfully consider, as we are not called to conceal or hide any information from our audience. We highly encourage you to watch this presentation, as it gives a great foundation to understanding the existence and influence of the paranormal and extraterrestrial on our world as Christians.

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