You’ve heard it all before, and you know how big tech with their government partners are mining and storing your information. They’ve been building massive databases of your personal search, location, and purchase history for at least a decade and a half. If you’ve ever had a cellphone, tablet, smart tv, internet access, or computer, you’ve got a digital folder with ALL of your information. This information is being used to rate you, judge you, and determine if you’re a valuable, contributing member of the coming global society. Based upon your habits and history, they know where you live, have lived, traveled to, will travel to, want to travel to, who your friends are, who your relatives are, where they all live, have lived, and the list goes on. They know your religious preferences, your likes and dislikes, your political affiliation, the type of church you like, and even where you’ve gone to church.

The information they have on you is nothing less than complete, unless you’ve been isolated and off the grid all these years. Social credit systems are here and are used globally. They may not be prominent yet, but their effects can already be felt and seen. We see Christians being fired from jobs and declined employment simply for their social media accounts. When you provide your email address or phone number on a job application, many companies now use it to look up your online profile and social media history. This social “discredit” system as I like to call it, is being used to make sure you fit their atheistic, God rejecting worldview. If you don’t, you’re fired or won’t get the job at all.

Welcome to the dawn of the antichrist beast system. This is the same system that will merge with the new health passport system to create a grip so tight on Christians; it will literally pop lukewarm Christians out of it to accept the mark of the beast. It’s our biggest prayer, and the goal of this ministry to tell it like it is and to warn people of what’s coming. We want Christians to hear what they won’t get in most churches and have a desire to draw closer to God. The day is quickly coming; let us focus the time we have left on spreading the total Gospel, not just bits and pieces.

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