Who better than the corrupt fascist big tech companies to get together to create the software that will ultimately be used to hunt you down, jail you and eventually kill you? For the time being though, they will just make sure you are a good citizen by getting your Coronavirus vaccine. If you don’t, you won’t be able to travel by land (bus, train, uber, etc) sea, or air. You won’t be able to physically go, well, pretty much any public or private company for that matter.

In all fairness, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are not mentioned in the article, but Microsoft and Oracle are. The others, such as the Mayo Clinic are healthcare providers, so we won’t be concerned with them wanting to track us down. Article Here

The article specifically states that this initiative includes members LIKE Microsoft, Oracle, and U.S. nonprofit Mayo Clinic. This suggests there are other participants in the development of the health passport system. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google are also sharing in its creation.

Google and Microsoft are the largest search providers and thus, the largest privacy violators. Even if Google was not a participant, Microsoft is every bit as dangerous, if not more because of Bill Gates’ involvement in vaccines. Through Bing and the Microsoft Windows operating system, (like Google’s search engine and Android operating system), Microsoft is just as capable of using your data against you; imagine if Google and Microsoft were working together. It’s better to assume they are than dismiss it.

The cooperation between the tech giants is scary. Imagine all the information you’ve plugged into these places over the years. Location data, not only from your computer but your telephone in real-time. Places you’ve been, places you like, things you dislike, your political view, your religious preference, your family and friends connections, and all they know about you. Your personal thoughts and ideas all bared to the tech giants by you, voluntarily. This does not take into account surveillance that has been collected on you by the government post 9/11. When you combine all of this information, unless you have been off-grid, no cell phone, no computer, no internet, etc., you have a digital file so large it could likely fill a filing cabinet on its own. And to think, you gave it all to them willingly. If you are reading this, you have that file on you.

To avoid them knocking on your door for being an anti-vaxxer, or ultimately a Christian who is against the globalization of America is impossible. They will knock on your friend’s doors to ask about you. They will check your likes, dislikes, and reviews to see where you frequent. They will check your location history (even if you believe it’s turned off or erased), to further track you down. They will look at where you’ve traveled and who you are friends with to easily determine where you will be. You will have to disconnect. You will have to go underground. You would not be able to contact, talk to, or otherwise see anyone in your life again unless they go underground with you. You’d have to be one step ahead of them in everything, totally unpredictable. So if we think we can escape on our own 50-acre plot of land, they will know exactly where to find you.

This post is not intended to fear-monger, rather a reality check. Even I, tend to deny the sheer amount of information that exists on me. It’s easy to say “yeah I use a VPN”, or “yeah I’ve turned off location tracking and GPS on my phone”, or “yeah I delete my browsing history”, but they’ve been triangulating that data for decades. There are countless other ways, we try to reduce our signatures. The only way to truly be out of the system is to literally and physically be out of the system.

Fortunately, we serve a King who will reign forever. His name is Jesus Christ. It is our duty and job to trust in Him, especially in tough times like this. It does not mean we dance with poisonous snakes, it means we trust and have faith that He will guide us to do what is right. In the end, He will speak through us and glorify Himself.

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