As of midnight last night (01/11/2021) Amazon shut down the popular and growing social media alternative Parler. It is unfortunate that the owner of Parler did not choose a better web hosting provider, you’d think they would have anticipated this shutdown and avoided it. Nonetheless, many of us still have a glint of hope that we live in the United States of America, home of the brave and land of the free, right? Well, not anymore. Perhaps, like many of us, Parler did too. Never believing in their heart that it could happen to him in the USA.

Why are we writing about this and not something more “Christian”? Well, it does not get more Christian than this, and here’s why: The underlying real truth is that these same people responsible for the shutdown of Parler, hate God, His Word, and Jesus the Christ. It is their way of silencing those who oppose the LGBTQ movement, big government, abortion, revisionist history, global society, and deep state (to name a few). In their ideal world, they have no borders and sing kumbaya around a campfire until dawn. What’s wrong with that? The problem is that man is unable to rule himself (Jeremiah 10:23). The powers that be: the swamp, Illuminati, politicians, or whatever label you give them, are only interested in obtaining more power and wealth. Aside from that, they want you dead because you oppose them. You see, there is this one little passage in your Bible that this all hinges on, and they hate it.

Our loyalty and allegiance will never be to the state. We worship and love our Creator, who has given us a free-will. The state has no interest in giving you free-will, they’d rather us be a mindless automaton paying high taxes to buy their next Lamborghini and fresh seafood dinner. They keep us distracted with sports and material things while they grab as much power and wealth as they can.

What does any of this have to do with Parler? Isn’t this just about the 1st amendment? How does it relate to the Christian faith? Simply put, this is a war for worldview. It has nothing to do with the constitution or the “superficial” things of this physical world. They’d like you to believe that, but it is a war that has been waging since the Garden of Eden. The war is between Satan and God, and it is a battle waged for your eternal destiny.

Christianity or Atheism is the root of the issue in the physical world. At its core, it’s a battle for life and death… literally. Satan wants you dead, it makes no difference if you are a Christian or an Atheist. He hates you because you are made in God’s image whether you believe it or not. Everything going on right now are moves by Satan to silence the truth of God’s Word from being spread. Nevermind the countless excuses they make about why they are trying to shut down freedom of speech. Whether they know it or not, they are pawns in Satan’s war against the Church.

You see, they can’t have these pesky little Christians going around speaking the truth. It hurts their agenda, their prosperity, and their power. God’s Word sets people free and reduces everyone to a level playing field: sinners who need Jesus. This is why they have such blood-lust for Donald Trump and can’t ever stop trying to impeach him a week before Joe Biden takes office. It’s not that Trump is an ideal Christian or even a Christian at all. It’s that he supports those who are Christian and they can’t have that. He supports the right to be free and study God’s Word if you want to or not. Thus here we are today, about to swear in a president who embodies everything ant-Christ. I’m not saying he is THE anti-Christ, he’s certainly not, but now that he is about to be sworn in…. Literally, all hell is breaking loose. Are you ready?

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