Genesis 1:7 - And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

On October 26th, 2020 NASA’s Ames Research Center put out a video [below] and article claiming they found water on the moon. For some Christians this might sound astonishing, and it could cause some anxiety. For others, it is a reason to glorify the Lord as it solidifies their faith.

This difference in reaction is usually caused by a lack of knowledge of His Word. We’ve all been there, as we grow and learn. In Matthew 13, we read the parable of the sower. In summery, Jesus tells us of seed (God’s Word/Gospel) that falls to the side, on a stony place, a thorny place, and good ground. In it’s most basic form, He is telling us that some people hear God’s Word and it means very little to them. Others hear it and they take it to heart, so much so that it produces fruit in their lives and they live their lives by the Word. To help combat complacency (which I believe Matthew 13 is also addressing), we all need to allow the Spirit of God to work in us, and deepen our understanding of His Word. If we are not continually reading, praying and seeking Him, we are at high risk for being unfertile soil or the bad ground Jesus is referring to in this chapter. For a plant to grow it needs the right soil, water and sunlight. In the same respect, for a Christian to grow, we need to read His Word and pray constantly.

In Genesis 1:7, we read about water above the firmament of the Earth. The Bible says there are 3 distinct heavens. The first heaven is our atmosphere, it is where the birds fly. Genesis 1:20 The second heaven is in space, where all the stars and galaxies are. Genesis 1: 14-18 The third Heaven is where God’s throne is, the actual Heaven and spiritual realm outside of our physical universe. 2 Corinthians 12:2

Before the the flood of Noah, the Earth was mostly a giant garden with plants and animal life from pole to pole. There were no ice caps or oceans, as we see today. The atmosphere and planet was a much different place pre-flood. During the flood, the fountains of the deep were opened up. Genesis 7:11. We believe that the Ring of Fire, found on the Pacific Rim is where the Earth’s crust broke open, shooting water out at incredible rates. Plate tectonics were the result, as mountain ranges were formed by rapidly moving crust. The massive force of the water coming out was great enough to form mountains, and thus likely also was able to overcome Earth’s gravity and reach the moon.

Keep in mind, we are not scientists and there are many hypothesis’ on this topic. In this ministry we firmly believe that the universe was created by God in 6 literal 24 hour days, and that it was fully created in a mature state. There is nothing that says we can’t find water elsewhere in the universe, and if we did, why would that hurt our faith? The bottom line is that through Satan’s plan to destroy man, we’ve all been indoctrinated that if water can be found somewhere other than Earth, it would mean that there is life also; ultimately, attempting to debunk the Bible and put an end to Christianity/God. Everywhere we look today, the destruction of God is the goal. Our doubts, fears and trepidations are the result of decades of conditioning through Satanic devices all used to try and distance you from the Lord.

In conclusion, we as Christians should never allow winds of doctrine, or scientific findings to throw us off balance or otherwise stress our faith. Modern science is just starting to catch up with the Bible. The world would have you believe that the two are not compatible, but the opposite is actually true. The Bible has been scientifically justified, and if the truth of that got out, it would utterly destroy Satan’s plan to keep people away from Jesus.

For more detailed information on this topic, we highly recommend Kent Hovind’s Creation Seminar Series. He does one of the best jobs detailing the pre-flood creation we’ve ever seen. We also recommend the documentary Science Falsely So-Called by Matt Powell.

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